As of Fall 2019, “Art and Queer Theory” is the only course on queer theory offered at Temple University Japan.


It was inspired by a transgender student who requested an independent study on Queer Theory and examines the intersections of queer theory and contemporary art practices from the 1960s to the present.


In the 1990s, "queer theory" emerged as an interdisciplinary method of analysis that understands identity to be constructed, contested, fluid, and performatively defined. Taking pleasure in dissonance and marginalization, queerness positions itself actively against fixity and normalcy.


As such, this course is intended to be an introduction to a field that is constantly changing. The course therefore cannot be comprehensive, because that would require the field to be fixed. 

Art and Queer Theory Online Zine

Welcome to the first Queer Art n Theory online zine hosted via the uprizine website! 


This page compiles research papers, graphics, and selections made by the students of the Fall 2019 Art and Queer Theory class described above. The class comprises people with very varied backgrounds in terms not only of sexuality, but also age, nationality, gender, class, and interests.


We read a lot of difficult theoretical texts and address issues that refuse abstraction because the problems that we discuss in class are also very personal and political ones that continue outside the classroom.


A lot is thus at stake in our conversations and those conversations sometimes spilled out of the classroom. I hope this zine helps the conversations spill and spin out further.

Professor Taro Nettleton