• Uprizine

Spring 2020; Foreward (2/3)

By T.E.

Cover Image By: Macayela Blackhorse

Design/Edit By: Xurian Dively

Translation By: Kyoko Kubono

A love letter to uprizine

Uprizine has been my passion project, the love of a lifetime. It has been a place where I personally was able to heal. Quite selfishly, creating uprizine was what helped me channel my anger and work pass my rape. It was the tool that I used to fight back against my rapist. A rapist that walked the same hallways as me. A rapist that talked to my friends and his like he had never raped me.

Uprizine was my light in a dark tunnel. It was a group of people that filled me with love and helped to walk me and others through some of the darkest times of our lives. Uprizine has been more than a zine, more than a project to “change an institution.” It was the project that helped me keep afloat when I thought I would never learn to breathe again.

Uprizine has pushed for so much change. It’s changed an entire institution. It’s given us Title IX resources that we thought we would never get, that I looked for and struggled to find when I needed them the most, that I thought no one would ever have. It gave us a conversation on assault and consent that I wished someone had had with me.

I have given my all to uprizine but truthfully uprizine has given more to me than anything. I wouldn’t be the person I am right now without it. I wouldn’t have made it out.





翻訳者: 窪野希笑子 (くぼのきょうこ)





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