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A poem by Srujanika Das

Artwork by Amber Imai

I was once a prisoner of the past But now, these heavy chains can’t hold me back A surge of power, wind beneath my wings A dazzling bluebird soaring high Singing the sweetest songs of freedom, This electric feeling, I cannot fathom It’s like I’m driving fast in a slow lane And creative autonomy is what I seek In a realm of brand new possibilities I went to the river of justice Only to see that it had dried up When I was dying of thirst I searched and I searched Until I found a small oasis All I ask is the freedom of self-expression Refuse to let you put this bluebird in a cage When I was meant to fly Do not deny me of my rights I am a young woman; I am of colour Twenty and set on new experiences and sights Do not take away my voice I speak of fashion and metaphysics With a lipstick covered mouth That may sing of femme lover lyrics Do not trap me in a role I can go to any land I desire at any time Traveling and adventure is in my soul I can be sexual without being immoral Don’t you know we’re wild and free? Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Srujanika Das is a Communications major who is both a poet and a songwriter. When it comes to writing poetry, she is inspired by the beauty of nature as well as the passionate feelings that arise from her own life experiences. Srujanika Das一詩人でありソングライターでもあるコミュニケーション学科専攻。詩を書くことになると、彼女は自然の美しさだけでなく、彼女自身の人生経験から生じる情熱的な感情に影響されます。

Note: This work was featured in the Uprizine Fall 2019 print edition.

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