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Artist Spotlight - Seigo

1. First, give us a short introduction!

Hi, there. This is Seigo. I am an artist from China, and I am gay.

Made in China, 2018

2. Describe briefly the work that you do.

I love to work with various medium, but no matter what the form is , my work is always a mixture of art, fashion, pop culture, identity and social issues.

(Right) Garden Panty, 2019

3. How did you get introduced to your craft?

I have always loved colors and images ever since I could remember, first was anime and then movies, photography etc.

I love imaginations and fantasies, and I think

art had really made it possible for myself to enjoy my fantasy world.

Gradually, I learned to put those things I enjoy into my works and express them somehow.

3, 2018

4. What themes do you pursue?

It is never the same because it depends what I am interested the most at that certain point. But, many of my works do relate to sexuality, that is probably an eternal theme.

(Right) S, 2020

5. How do you work/what is your process like?

For many of my works, I always work until the

very very last minute because I think that is the best. My process always goes something like:

1. I have a vision from something that I saw, or I was inspired.

2. What medium should I work, what colors do I want to use, is there anything in my memories or experiences that I can refer to

3. Start moving and keep thinking about the work and develop any possibility

4. Take a break and decide if I should continue to get it done or I should make changes

5. Finally, when I am tired and have tried everything I could, I would send it to my boyfriend and ask how he thinks. (It is always good to ask others’ opinions)

6. Last adjustment.

7. Look at it for maybe 100 times (one is to appreciate, two is to see if there is improvements could be made in the future)

6. Do you have any long-standing influences?

Pop icons such as Ayumi Hamasaki and Lady Gaga definitely have great impact on my artistry and identity. I have always been inspired by what they do or what messages they deliver, there are many references from them in my works. They are the mentors in my art journey and therefore what I do is a tribute to them.

7. How do you want your work to affect your audience?

I tend to make artworks that are visually entertaining and fun for my audience, but it will never just be that. I make sure my works have multiple meanings addressed to different audiences. If art is only about the surface, it will be like eating a plate of colorful fruits that don’t have any taste, no sweetness, no bitterness or sourness.

I am aware that when there are some enjoying their life, there must be some suffering and in need of help. As an artist, I believe it is my duty to reach out people and bring some impact on them. Sometimes, I hope my works are shocking or disturbing to some people, but at the meantime I hope my works will be someone’s safe place for a minute, an hour, a day or forever.


8. Can you describe your idea of artistic success?

For me, I would be so happy that people tell me that they felt something looking at my work and inspired to do something. It will be nice to have an impact on the way people view certain things, and I think that’s my responsibility to do so.

my ASS could mean anything, 2019

9. What are your plans for the future?

Make the world a more understanding, more fun, eco-friendlier, kinder and gayer place through my art. I am coming!! WORLD.

Surreal, 2019

10. Let’s talk about one of your most recent and favorite projects: 2010s

Many of my artworks are related to human body. I always feel like human figures are magical and inspiring. In this work, human body plays as a container which contains things reflecting a period of time like a time capsule.

My interpretation for this work is that a futuristic looking time capsule being sent from the future in an amazon box. Based on my memories and experiences, 2010s is definitely a remarkable period for human beings to take technology, fashion, Internet and other cultures to the next level again.

However, in such a world when everything is accelerating today many social problems are developed as well. For instance, the ignorance of pollution from our consumption such as plastic and fast fashion, instant satisfactions from looking and following trends on social media because what the majority want is fast, convenient and trendy.

2010s, 2019

I was caught up in that too until I realized that this is not right. I didn’t want to live a shiny life and don’t give a shit about what is really happening in our world. I don’t want the future to be like this figure.

This work is a compilation of the best I can do so far, I love for the efforts and references that is in this work.

2010s (Detail), 2019

Material used: unwanted old clothes (donated by a friend), trashes picked up from the streets (plastic bottles, plastic umbrellas, food packages etc), metal wires, rhinestones, ARTPOP by Lady Gaga.

Figure inspired by Lady Gaga and LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya.

Be sure to check out more Seigo's work SNS!

Website | Instagram

Photo & Assistance by @derek.peco


Thank you Seigo for taking the time to talk with us!

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