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Moving Back to my Ancestral Homeland


i love living in tokyo. it contrasts my upbringing in STEPFORD in many ways.

i love blending in.

i love how no one asks me: "but where are you really from?"

i love the reflections of similarities that strangers have both in their appearance and cultural nuances i only saw in my mother growing up.

i love how living here enables me to gain a deeper understanding of my mother.

i love how living here has allowed me to expand my abilities to converse with my mother with words i've always wanted to share with her.

but living in tokyo also reinforces my whiteness- which is something that was pretty much absent in STEPFORD; because there, even though i was half white, i was still considered the diversity. i had e n o u g h yellow in me to be considered as the other.

within the PoC spectrum, i definitely hold a lot of privilege: both for my whiteness and the fact that I'm from an east asian country. the politics of whiteness both within european colonizers and east asian countries mirror themselves with one another in s o m a n y w a y s.

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