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NEW: Information on TUJ's Website Regarding Reporting Sexual Misconduct (as of December 5th, 201

As a follow up to our article published on December 2nd, changes to the TUJ website have been made on the page regarding sexual misconduct. Below, you can find the current version of the web page with available resources listed.


First, go to TUJ's website linked here: https://www.tuj.ac.jp/index.html

Click the tab that says "Services and Facilities"

Scroll down to "Counseling Services" and click the subtitle "Counseling Services"

Click on "Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence"

"Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) is committed to preventing and addressing sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, harassment and stalking."

Scroll down the page for further information.

Thank you, TUJ. Let’s continue to work on these issues in our various roles and ways, in order to improve our school.

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