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From Society To Women

Women don’t talk like this, women don’t swear, women behave in ways that are respectable in the eyes of men. You’re such a pretty girl, one day you’ll find a man who’ll like you and want to marry you - because it doesn’t matter if you’re smart or have a voice as long as you’re pretty and obedient. You want to be a lawyer? That’s great, but that’s a difficult world, a man’s world. And what about when you have children? Who’s going to take care of them if you don’t? Smile, nod, be pretty. Even if you’re intelligent, that’s not what matters. They’re more interested in your legs than in what’s inside your head. “You’re a political science major? So you want to change the world? That’s cute.” Laugh and pretend that doesn’t offend you, know your place as a woman. “You know, women are lucky. You have it so easy.” Hold your tongue. Don’t try and explain gender inequality to them, your voice will never be as strong. Don’t be blunt when turning down a man because you’re not interested, because you have a boyfriend. Be gentle about it, or else he may despise you because you hurt his ego, because he didn’t have the upper hand, because he couldn’t have you, because you weren’t his to possess. And sometimes, he’ll have you anyway, as you lay there motionless.

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