Students protest Patrick O’Connor’s visit to Temple University Japan

A student-run feminist magazine at Temple University Japan published the petition last week.

More than 180 students signed a petition asking Temple University Japan to disinvite Board of Trustees Chairman Patrick O’Connor from a grand opening ceremony in November for TUJ’s new campus... 


Handling sexual assaults with an ‘ocean in between us’

When sexual assault is reported at Temple University Japan, students are referred to services on Main Campus.

A full-time student at Temple University Japan said she doesn’t have enough fingers to count how many people she knows who have experienced sexual assault at her university...


TUJ lacks resources

Students who are sexually assaulted at Temple University Japan need a way to get help.
The dearth of on-campus resources to support survivors of sexual assault at Temple University Japan is alarming.

The TUJ handbook has nothing written in it regarding sexual assault, and Japan’s sexual assault law has not changed since 1907...


There's a student Uprizine that needs to be heard

Uprizine, a zine that launched its first print edition on International Women’s Day (March 8) last year, is currently gearing up for a second print edition.

Starting life online back in 2017, the zine was conceived in response to the sexual assault of a student at Temple University Japan...


Racial Profiling by Japanese Police in Tokyo Azabu: Uprizine’s Interview with Austin Freeman, a student at Temple University Japan has talked for years about racial profiling by the Japanese police Clearly it’s still going on. The issue here, however, is how institutions that are supposed to support and inform NJ in Japan of their rights, options, and protections in Japan (in this case, Temple University in Japan) are apparently not doing so...


Senior becomes first-ever Temple Japan student to win Diamond Award

Hikari Hida, a political science and Asian studies major at Temple University Japan, has dedicated her college years to working toward social justice and fighting against sexual assault...


Raise Your Voice – Shiori Ito joins TUJ students to discuss Japan’s sexual assault stigma

Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) organized a series of events in observation of both Women’s History Month in March and Sexual Assault Awareness month in April...



今井ゼミでは、女子大学生の視点からみた身近な社会課題について英語で発信するウェブサイトPalette を運営していますが、このほど、テンプル大学日本校の学生団体で同じく身近な問題を発信しているUPRIZINE 編集部から、ジェド・モーリス=コンドウさんが今井ゼミにインターンで来てくれたことをきっかけに、両編集部合同で、大学生など若い世代の政治参加について、日米の比較をしながら考えるシンポジウムを企画したものです。企画、広報、資料作成、通訳、進行など運営のすべてを日米の学生が担当しました。


UPRIZINE was founded in 2017, aiming to create conversation and raise awareness surrounding intersectional issues at Temple University Japan through opinion pieces, creative writing, and occasionally, informative journalism. It is run by students and for students, through the TUJ Zine Club. 

Disclaimer: The site is run by TUJ students and through the Zine Club but is not an instrument of Temple University

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