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Tackling Social Issues in Japan

-Youth Politics-

Momoko Nojo

Momoko Nojo is both founder and representative of the student organisation, “No youth No Japan.” Her concern of the low Japanese voter turnout under 30 (U30) was one factor that led her to discovering the organization. She is in her final year in Keio University, Faculty of Economics. Her interest lies in the political participation of youth.

Yashiro Naohiro

Moeka Bekki

Moeka Bekki is a senior at Tokyo Gakuen University in the education department. Currently she is the second representative of “ivote” student club. “ivote” presides events that instigate youths to be better informed about the politics and elections in Japan.

Yashiro Naohiro is an economist of Japan and head of the business department in the Showa Women’s University. He is an expert in labor economics, law and economics, and economic policy. Through his keen perspective of the economic world, he will discuss the climate of political participation of youths in Japan.