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Uprizine is all about speaking up about things that should be talked about, empowerment, and providing a platform where your voice can be heard. 


 Even if you aren't a student of Temple University Japan, let us know what school you're from and what kind of issues you'd like to discuss. 


We'd love to feature what you have to say!


is open to collaborating

with students groups and nonprofit/nongovernmental organizations (NPO/NGO)!



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学生の頃のFor NGO/NPO

Since Uprizine is mainly comprised of students, we like to focus on activies that build a sense of community, raise awareness, and empower students and youth.


In the past, we've collaborated with Voice Up Japan and former SEALDS member Wakako Fukuda in the event "The Courage of Our Convictions" and Showa Women's University in the event "Empowering the Next Generation" featuring iVote and No Youth No Japan.


We look forward to collaborating with you!

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UPRIZINE was founded in 2017, aiming to create conversation and raise awareness surrounding intersectional issues at Temple University Japan through opinion pieces, creative writing, and occasionally, informative journalism. It is run by students and for students, through the TUJ Zine Club. 

Disclaimer: The site is run by TUJ students and through the Zine Club but is not an instrument of Temple University

Translation Note: 

Because our site is translated by our members/students, we are not able to translate all contents at this time. However we will do our best to make the site's basic features available in both English and Japanese.