The Courage of Our Convictions (Event)

The Courage of Our Convictions (Event)

Uprizine Print Editions

Uprizine Print Editions

Empowering the Next Generation (Event)

Empowering the Next Generation (Event)

FALL 2021 Zine


Student Activism and Women’s Rights in Japan | webinar

SPRING 2021 Zine

We at Uprizine cover a whole bunch of issues like gender, health, mental health, sexual misconduct, and more right here in the heart of Tokyo. Our diverse team aims to raise awareness on such issues through writing, the arts, as well as community building and empowerment.

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Currently, we are working on translating articles from the past into Japanese so that our content is more accessible to our Japanese audience. But with all our translators being hardworking, full time students, it takes a bit quite of time! If you're interested in helping us translate our articles and speed up the translation process please contact us through our contact form! ♡

We also feature artists, artwork, creative writing (poetry and prose).

Show us your work and maybe we'll feature you!


Meet The Team


(Leader/Editor in Chief)

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Hi! I'm Ayaka, Nice to meet you.


Beth Kennedy
(Sub - Leader)

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Hello! I’m a proud sub-leader passionate about social justice!


Jason Lee Teal

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Hi! I'm Jason. Nice to meet you.

Bishal Khadka.jpg

Bishal Khadka

(Tech Department Leader)

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Hi! I’m Bishal. I love coding and I am an Esports player 


Rachel Marpaung


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Hi! I’m Rachel. I design zines and keep plants as pets.


Mary Grace Saiki

(Manager of the instagram Acount)

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Hi! Im Mary Grace Saiki. Please call me Mary.